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Vanessa Smith is a Best Selling Author, Speaker and Demolition Coach. She has spent over a decade working with an extensive client list including Fortune 500 Executives, Professional Athletes, Actors, Musicians, Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Creative Artists.


Vanessa is passionate about cultivating the very best from her clients motivating and challenging them to dive deep so they can truly see what they are made, encouraging her clients to take their talents and skills to the next levels every time.


Vanessa is an artist is the field of personal development empowering her clients with her unique style of Coaching she’s branded as Demolition Coaching™which is a no-nonsense approach to demolishing limiting beliefs especially at the root within our subconscious minds. Her clients frequently refer to their work with Vanessa as deeply impactful, soulful and life-changing.


Her extensive training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medical Hypnotherapy, Master NLP Practitioner and Executive and Life Coach has lead her to have a wide range of abilities to help her clients unique issues; teaching them new skills for handling challenges with new and exciting perspectives, confidently creating extraordinary results.


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